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The Remedy for Abortion

  • January 11th, 2010 by Pastor Darryl Curtis   |  0 Comments

One of my Facebook friends was incensed about the abortion rate in the Black community, so I thought that I would respond.

My friend, neither the legalization nor the availability of abortion is the problem. The problem is the demand for abortion. It may be true that Planned Parenthood is a diabolical plot to eradicate the Black race and that Margaret Sanger was the most evil person in the history of the world, but neither of those facts caused a single Black woman to go into an abortion clinic, give them money (you can’t get an abortion for free or for food stamps), lay on her back, spread her legs, put her feet in the stirrups and ask them to kill her baby.

The problem is not abortion; the problem is out-of-wedlock sex. When your daughter becomes pregnant after she has just graduated from high school and is preparing to go off to college for the first time, are you willing to have her postpone her life for nine months, carry the baby to term, put it up for adoption, and then go to college, knowing that she has the option to have an abortion for three hundred dollars and take care of her baby problem in about two hours? Until the answer to my question is “take the nine months and do the right thing”, abortion clinics will continue to make money, whether the Democrats or the Republicans control the White House.

And, you can’t count on your daughter to not get pregnant. Her whole social structure depends upon boys liking her, and most girls will do what they have to do to get that level of affection.

Do you want to know the simple solution to the problem of out-of-wedlock teenage sex? Supervision. When my son was high school age (he’s 28 now), I said, from the pulpit, “There’s nothing that I can confidently say that my son won’t try, including alcohol, sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. But there are some things that I am absolutely sure that he will not try with me watching him.”

When he was fourteen, he and his mother, to whom I have been married for thirty-seven years, thought that they could get one by me. Paul liked this little girl, and he wanted to take her to the movies. He asked his mom, who was probably in favor, but she knew better than to tell him yes. She said, “It is fine with me if your dad agrees.”

So Paul got up his courage, and with his mother behind him, came to see me. “Dad”, he said, “Mom said that if you said it was okay, I could take this girl to the show. Can I go?”

I looked up from my book. “Sure”, I said, “no problem.” Then I went back to my reading.

Paul looked stunned for a moment, but as he looked back at his mother, his face lit up like a Junebug in Texas. Just before he started jumping up and down, he heard me say, “Oh, by the way, what are we going to see?”

Paul stopped, and then looked puzzled for a moment while he took in what I said. “Dad”, he stammered, “I just wanted…I mean…can’t I just take her to the show myself?”

“Not a chance, sir”, I replied. I always called my son “sir”. “You don’t have to sit right next to me, but I’ll be sitting somewhere where I can keep my eye on you. You didn’t plan to do anything that you don’t want me to see, did you?”

“No, Dad”, Paul replied, “I guess not.”

Paul’s mother and I were chaperones at his prom, because I know about kids and hormones. Only one thing is absolutely, positively, 100% effective in avoiding pregnancy, and that is parental supervision. Condoms fail, the pill isn’t always effective, babies are born playing with IUDs, and anything can happen if you have sex. The key to the abortion problem to keep your sons and daughters from having sex in the first place, and that is a responsibility that lands squarely on parents. Don’t try to pass your responsibility off to anyone; not to the school system and especially not to adolescent children, because to do so will not work.

I once listened to a woman that periodically taught sex education in a high school. Her day job was running an abortion clinic. Her marketing plan for the abortion clinic was to sell each of the girls in the sex education class at least three abortions while they were between the ages of fifteen and nineteen, because their business from older women was falling off. Abortion is legal and voluntary, and is being marketed, through the school, to your daughter that lives at home with you. If you ask the teacher, she will tell you that that’s not true, but I bet that someone associated with the sex education program gave your daughter the number for the abortion clinic, “just in case”. Remember that abortion is the one medical procedure for which the school can dismiss your child without your knowledge or permission. Your daughter needs your permission to get her ears pierced, but she can have an abortion with just clearance from someone at the school.

Most high school girls that get pregnant do so at home after school in their own beds or at their boyfriend’s house in his bed, because there is no adult at home to supervise. Yes, I know everyone is busy working, and these kids should be old enough to take care of themselves for a couple of hours. They are. They can not only take care of themselves, but they can take care of their girlfriend or boyfriend too, if you get my meaning.

Abortion is not the Supreme Court’s fault, nor is it the Democrats’ fault, nor is it the Republican’s fault. Abortion is the fault of each person that has one. Abortion is totally voluntary, and even if a woman gets pregnant in the most negative circumstances imaginable, (forcible rape by a total stranger), she has no one to blame for having an abortion except the person having the abortion. True, having a child you don’t want is inconvenient and it interrupts your life, but remember the Golden Rule, in which Jesus says, in Matthew 7:12:

12  Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. 

Think of how much inconvenience you caused your parents during your adolescence, and be prepared to endure some inconvenience for your child, even if you are not intending to raise him or her. There is always the adoption alternative. It will only cost you nine months out of your life, you never even have to see the child after you have it, and you will avoid having the murder of a human being on your soul. And yes, abortion actually is murder; you may disagree with me legally, theoretically or for purposes of argument, but you will receive unmistakable and devastating personal knowledge that abortion is murder as soon as the child that you abort is killed and actually dies inside of you.

The solution to the abortion problem is not in the government, nor in the community. It may take a village to raise a child, but it only takes parental supervision to keep one from becoming pregnant.

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